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5054Re: [NTO] Fresh install of WinXP home

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  • Jody
    Nov 21 10:47 PM
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      Hi Mary,

      >My computer is dying and will be replaced with (ugh) WinXP Home
      >and a new computer. I've been looking into Partition Magic to
      >divide 2 hard drives. I'm told that the best way to do this is
      >uninstall WINXP, install PM and reinstall WinXP.

      Unless PQMagic can now be run in Windows, then you run it from a
      floppy disk after you boot up from a floppy. If you have Win98
      still running, you want to make a startup disk now. It is easiest
      that way. I'm not booted up in Win98 presently, but I think you
      go to the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel and there is a
      tab there to make a startup disk. There is no reason to install
      XP, remove it and reinstall. Just bootup on the floppy disk for
      Windows, put in the floppy disk with PQMagic on it and type:
      pqmagic It'll take a minute or so to start running, but then you
      can divide it up however you like. If the drive is brand new you
      will most likely have to format it also. The tools that are
      available in PQMagic are highlighted and those that are not it
      means that you cannot perform that operation at this time in your

      If you want to install XP first, you can do so, and you can still
      divide your drive up. Just make sure you have plenty of free
      space left in the XP side of the drive so that it doesn't get
      wiped out. Say you have a 20GB drive, the most (and playing it
      very safe) would be 5GB to lease, bit it is a lot less than that.
      If you install XP first, do a defrag on it to move all the files
      together just for a safety measure.

      PQMagic will do multiple operations at one time, well, one after
      each other. In other words you can tell it to Format and Resize
      and it carries out one then the other. OK, so you tell it to
      Format or maybe it is Create - you'll know because it is about
      the only operation available. So, you tell it to put that in
      queue so to speak. then you do a Resize/Move. You'll see the
      graphs come up and then resize. You'll understand when you get

      Oh, speaking of getting there, add your Mouse.* DOS files on the
      floppy so you can type in mouse at the DOS command prompt so you
      have mouse support when in PQMagic. (I can send them to you if
      you want, but I take no credit on damage in the mail. :)

      Anyway, that's about it unless you just take that Win98 startup
      floppy disk and and use "fdisk" and "format" when you boot up.
      They will do the same thing you are attempting to do and it is a
      whole lot cheaper if you are only going to split a drive into two
      parts. Just type in: fdisk and do the numbers it has there -
      you'll understand, you type in 1, 2, 3, or 4. I forget exactly
      what you do, but you basically do #1 to make a partition and then
      split it I believe, Jim Hall will correct me if I'm wrong <g>, so
      that you have an extended partition. I think it wants the size
      now and you will probably get asked about Windows supporting
      large drives o say yes to that I believe and then you put the
      numbers in. Don't worry about messing up because you can simply
      delete them if wrong. Like if it will only let you make the
      secondary partition 2048Mb, then answer the question the other
      way after deleting. :-)

      Well, got to run.

      >Before I jump into this river, how difficult is it to re-install
      >XP? Is it uninstalled from AD/REMOVE like Win98? Do I just
      >insert the OS disc and let it do its thing, or am I getting into
      >a very big problem?

      You format the drive to uninstall an OP unless it is in another
      logical drive on a muti OS system like Win9 and XP. If you
      haven't installed it, then don't worry about it. If you already
      have stuff on a drive that you are keeping, then you need to
      explain to the list where you are at exactly. :) If you have
      Win98 installed on the drive and you would like to keep it, then
      I would use PQMagic to split the drive leaving Win98 installed
      and slip it to install XP doing a Custom install.

      Jim, if you are reading this I found how you install Win98
      *after* XP. I stumbled across it. You simply bootup on a 98
      startup disk and run Win9 setup from there. You need to have a
      logical drive with enough space on it.

      Happy Topics,

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