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5006Re: [NTO] Power Desk 5

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  • Alec Burgess
    Nov 14, 2003
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      For died in the wool PD users: The original authors of PowerDesk have bought
      the source and rights (non-exclusive) from the current owners and are
      intending to take it forward under the name ExplorerPlus. Their current
      release X+ 6 is mostly bug fixes and a couple of minor UI changes from PD5.
      They seem to have big plans for the next release which will be ExplorerPlus

      If you've paid for current PD5, there is probably not much reason to pay
      again to get X+ but *to the original poster* if contemplating getting the
      Pro version (necessary if you want access to the QuickViewPlus features) it
      would be worth checking out ExplorerPlus: http://www.novatix.com/

      Regards ... Alec

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      > Moredechai:
      > I have used Power Desk through three versions. It is far superior to
      > Windows Explore with many more options and refinements. And it's the
      > best of all third party file managers I have tried in the last ten
      > years. It's easy to learn and one program I can't do without.
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