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4942Re: [NTO] inexpensive hosting services

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  • Jim Hall
    Oct 5, 2003
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      I don't know if you found one yet but here is one advertises that it meets or exceeds your criteria.
      They usually charge $9,90/mo but they have a promo running for 4.95/mo.


      At 11:06 AM 9/29/2003 -0500, you wrote:

      >Notice, I did not say *CHEAP* I said inexpensive, meaning all those
      >things would be included at a low price. :-). I need a server that is
      >up at least 98% of the time over a year. On the is one little web page
      >I do not need any thing but space and fairly decent bandwidth. This
      >site will be for Bird Dogs, listing of Champions, and not just Champion
      >Bird Dogs, but many in the Bird Dog Hall of Fame. It will be owned by
      >the client, who is also listed in the Bird Dog Hall of Fame, trainer of
      >Champions, Breeder of Champions, Author of a book about his years of
      >experience in this field. I do not expect any one but Gun Dog and Bird
      >Dog enthusiasts to be search for the page. My present host formerly
      >provided a small space with an offer to upgrade to the next larger space
      >if the bandwidth should suddenly be needed. They will do this with out
      >cost except payment for the difference in the cost of the spot. But now
      >his smallest spot, is quite large, and it has risen in cost to $8.00 per
      >month which is not that bad. But still if I can find a really good host
      >with a small space for $5 or less per month , that would be just what I
      >am looking for presently. Thanks for your reply
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