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4819Banners WAS: [NTB] my eyes - I see ads!

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  • loro
    Sep 1, 2003
      Alec wrote
      >This wanders perilously close to being off-topic (forgive me this once

      My apologies again. I just meant to change subject to get it off Stefan's patents thread. Sorry.

      >, but if the skyscrapers you're talking about are the banners on the
      >Yahoo-groups web-site pages

      Nah. Maybe I exaggerated just a little. But they are higher than standard banners, about 300*250. I guess that's the standard format for yahoogroups. I wouldn't know. I still get them anyway. :-(

      Oh well. I'll stop whining now. If they aren't gone in a couple of days I'll start again.

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