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4722Re: [NTO] Mozilla-Firebird - keeping current with nightlies

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  • Robert Romberger
    Aug 6, 2003
      On 5 Aug 2003 at 16:37, Alec Burgess wrote:

      > Again, if you know ... any ideas about the feasibility of converting some
      > 90,000 messages in approx 300 OE-DBX files/folders from OE-format to
      > NetscapeMail format (whatever that is - I guess I'd better make an effort to
      > learn)

      I use Pegasus for my mail client and had to convert my Netscape mail to a
      format that Pegasus could understand. I used a utility called Dawn, but I
      can't seem to find the url for it right now. However, in a related
      conversation I found this on the WIN-PM mail list:

      > For the Outlook Express folders try the IE2E utility which is designed to
      > convert Mail (not news) folders from Outlook Express 5 (From IE 5.0) DBX
      > folders to standard MBX files importable by almost any mail program. Pegasus
      > Mail can read these *.MBX files directly, you simply point at the directory
      > containing the MBX files using the "Add mailbox to list".
      > http://www.mindware.com.au/

      It might help you in your conversion of the OE mail. You might also want
      to do a web search for mail converters (specifically Dawn) - I recommend
      Dawn as it can convert from or to just about any known mail storage format.


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      and not just a process of evolution. Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue
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