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4715RE: [NTO] Mozilla-Firebird - keeping current with nightlies

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  • Brian Binder
    Aug 6 9:36 AM
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      And there are definitely more free products that beat pay-for that people
      just don't know about.

      > I'm currently using OE (through Popfile) and X1-Find for
      > searching email archives. The X1-Find program claims to
      > support OE, Outlook, Eudora and NetscapeMail formats.

      Haven't used Popfile, though I have heard of it. I'm more of a Spamihilator
      or K9 fan when it comes to quick filtering of mail.

      If X1 supports Netscape mail formats, then you should have no problems with
      Mozilla builds, since that's what Netscape is anyway.

      > If you know ... is the format for Thunderbirds mail files
      > "likely" to be compatible with Netscape mail? I'd assume
      > they've probably attempted to keep backwards compatibility
      > but haven't read much about it at all.

      Without having tried it, I would still say yes. Netscape and Mozilla are
      basically the same, except for the lack of AOL. Yes!

      > Again, if you know ... any ideas about the feasibility of
      > converting some 90,000 messages in approx 300 OE-DBX
      > files/folders from OE-format to NetscapeMail format (whatever
      > that is - I guess I'd better make an effort to
      > learn)

      I'm actually more surprised than anything that you are using OE to manage
      all of that mail. I'd definitely be on something else if and when managing
      that much data. But hey, whatever works for you, right?

      > btw: I've been flipping back and forth between default
      > browsers of Firebird (aka Phoenix), MyIE2 and Sleipnir for
      > about 6 months. The last time I ditched Firebird (late 0.5
      > version) it was primarily because at least for me it seemed
      > too resource heavy compared to the two IE-based tabbed browsers.

      And Firebird was always such a slow starter for me. I actually have been in
      the habit of using Avant browser for a lot of surfing these days. I like it
      better than, say, Netcaptor, or IE and Firebird. Nice and skinnable without
      restarting, very stable, (for me anyway!) and has the "tabbed" interface at
      the bottom for quick access to previous pages. Plus it has a couple handy
      mouse gestures.

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