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4708RE: [NTO] Mozilla-Firebird - keeping current with nightlies

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  • Brian Binder
    Aug 5 7:29 AM
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      Bb> Yep. Thunderbird is the mail client for use with Firebird, since they
      Bb> both run independent and with no "real" registry keys that need to be
      Bb> installed. I use Thunderbird, and there's a few bugs, but the good
      Bb> folks at Mozilla take care of them pretty darn fast.

      Bb> I used to use Foxmail, but I stick with Thunderbird now. I like
      Bb> that I can take it from place to place on a USB drive or whatnot, and
      Bb> know that I can read my emails wherever. Try it out! :)


      > I think the idea is that by splitting Mozilla into separate
      > browser/mail client (and maybe composer too - I'm not sure)
      > it will be easier to develop and be significantly "lighter"
      > than its older big brother.
      > You might want to check out Firebird a little more then -
      > from what I've read its where all the future development is
      > going to be. Apparently Thunderbird will be the new email
      > client - its fairly new and I haven't checked it out yet; but
      > in the last month there seems to have been a lot of
      > development in both Firebird and Thunderbird.
      > Thunderbird Help if you want to have a look:
      > http://texturizer.net/thunderbird/index.html
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