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4705Re: [NTO] Mozilla-Firebird - keeping current with nightlies

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  • hsavage
    Aug 4, 2003
      Alec Burgess wrote:

      > I'm not sure whether the reference to "Mozilla" here was to Mozilla
      > or Mozilla-Firebird 0.6
      > If you've installed a bunch of extensions (and made a bunch of parameter
      > selections) what's the easiest way of getting yourself back to the same
      > place?
      > but when I drop a current nightly on top of my current Program
      > Files\Mozilla a lot of customization gets undone.
      > Again, AFAIK all these customizations that aren't being done per
      user, are
      > being recorded in Program Files\Mozilla\Chrome\... various files ... (?)
      > Are there any files from my previous working copy that I can/should drop
      > back into the current ProgFiles\MozFire\Chrome to save time in getting it
      > back in my desired working condition?
      > I know that if I want to report a bug to Bugzilla they want me to do a
      > "vanilla" install to a newly created user,
      > Regards ... Alec


      The reference was Mozilla 1.5. I tried Firebird and as far as I could
      tell it didn't have an email client. The client included with Mozilla
      is the only one I have that isn't MS. I saw little need to have
      Firebird and Mozilla installed.

      Extensions, I'm not sure what those are in the case. Would that be
      additional plugins or different skins.

      If skins, Mozilla can be cleared by deleting the file chrome.rdf in the
      chrome folder and rebooting, Might be possible to copy that file to a
      new location and copy back after a new install.

      Most other customizations are in 'prefs.js', on my machine the path is
      C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application

      There may be other files with setting and prefs but I haven't had enough
      trouble to dig into it. The newer Mozilla has an installation option to
      rip out all the extras or leave them in place. The only addition I
      usually make is to add Multizilla. It enhances tabbed browsing.

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