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4693Re: [NTO] Exessive quoting

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  • Jan Rosenstreich
    Aug 2, 2003
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      On Sat, 02 Aug 2003 17:34:44 -0500, hsavage wrote:

      >The logic being, they read the quoted part first and the additional
      >after. This way they didn't have to jump back and forth between quoted
      >and unquoted. They would have already read the initial question,
      >comment, so the new text, answer, would logically follow the quoted text.

      IMO, that makes it easier to follow the discussion. Of course,
      unnecessary quoted material needs to be snipped. If replying to a post
      with several points, it is useful to intersperse the answers directly
      below each section, snipping unnecessary text as you go along.

      >Does anyone know the exact etiquette pertaining to this, if so please

      I believe it is dependent on the culture of the group. Some groups are
      OK with top posting while others will let you know that it is frowned
      upon. Either way, who wants to sift through a 200 line post just to see
      the "I Agree" at the bottom. Just as bad for top posters is a couple of
      word reply followed by 300 lines of untrimmed text.


      Jan Rosenstreich Mystic Gateway - Holistic Center
      Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems
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