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4674Re: [NTO] Re: (moved) Re: [Clip] Browser problems.

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  • hsavage
    Jul 29, 2003
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      Larry Thomas wrote:

      > I have tried most of this but none has worked so far.
      > The only way that I can launch the other
      > browsers now is through a clip.
      > ExanokeL
      > ^!C:\Program Files\mozilla.org\Mozilla\mozilla.exe "^**"
      > Launches the current document in Mozilla but I cannot lauch it the
      old way
      > that I could. I have to add a button on my clipbar rather that use the
      > other. I can use the other if I make mozilla my default browser.
      > Anyway thanks for all of your help and suggestions.
      > Regards,


      What you put in this message may be different than your actual shortcut
      or what you have entered in View/Options/Internet/Main Browser or other
      browser. But, the command line above shouldn't work.

      ^!"C:\Program Files\mozilla.org\Mozilla\mozilla.exe" "^**"

      A pathname with spaces should be surrounded with double quotes whether
      you're in, or, out of Notetab. If this is your path and if, by chance,
      you don't have double quotes around the "path/filename" string put them
      around the string and try it.



      This is some of the earlier post that I didn't send.


      I've seen similar Error Messages on occasion when running a script or
      shortcut and the path/name with spaces wasn't surrounded by quotes.
      This could be such a case an was inadvertently saved

      The fact that F8 gives the error msg. seems to indicate you may have a
      similar path problem? It's only seeing the 'C:\Program' part of the
      pathname line.

      Do you use MailBag and have you recently built any scripts to capture
      messages from your email client? Possibly the 'Program' file in the
      \root is a collection that should have been added to a mailbag archive
      except for the faulty path.

      You might try adding .mbg extension and see if you can view it in MailBag.

      This may not pertain but, for installing and uninstalling, I remember
      from one of these lists, advice to uncheck 'View/Options/Advanced/Store
      settings in registry.

      If I had to, I would;

      Uninstall NoteTab

      Backup the Registry, Use a registry Cleaner to clean invalid
      entries, then backup the registry again.

      Run Disk fixer, Scandisk or third party.

      Run a defragmenter, Windows Defrag or third party.

      Reinstall NoteTab

      Cross my fingers.

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