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4627More Broadband vs Dialup

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  • R Shapp
    Jul 5, 2003
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      To Group,

      This is a re-posting of the message I sent on 7/4 at 7:57. I am transitioning
      between accounts, and I must have lost this one in the process.

      To expand on what I say below, I am interested in seeing Don's clip, and I am
      subscribed on the ntb-clips group. Please post it there.

      Thank you all.

      Ray Shapp

      ** Note: My new address is ras45@...
      ** My old address was rayshapp@...
      ** The old address will continue to work until the end of August.

      Bob J, Don P., and Greg C.

      Thank you for your responses.

      Bob said:
      <<no problem to use Outlook to work with more than one ISP>>

      Although I'm using Outlook Express v6, your point is still valid.

      Greg said:
      <<What you should have is two accounts, not two identities.>>

      That's exactly the info I needed.

      <<http://www.tomsterdam.com/ is the best site I know for finding answers about

      That's a very useful site. Your claithelp pages are very well written.

      My initial problem was caused by my uncritically accepting the "help" of a
      very rushed tech at the broadband company. That's how I ended up with a
      separate identity. He also told me I had to export my address book from the
      old account (dial-up) and import it into the new one (broadband). I realized
      it wasn't necessary to export/import because I merely moved all my addresses
      into the shared folder. I wasn't able to see a comparable way to share all my
      mail rules, however. This is now moot because I just created a new account
      for broadband under the original identity.

      It wasn't working because I was naming the POP3 and SMTP servers incorrectly.
      The naming conventions are very different at the two ISPs. (This is a point
      Greg made, and I would emphasize.)

      Don said:
      <<I have written a clip that I use in the morning to set my outgoing pop and
      other I use in the evening to set my other outgoing pop.>>

      I am subscribed on the ntb-clips group, and I would be interested in seeing
      the clip. Until I gain confidence in this new setup, I'll continue to make
      necessary switches manually, but I do appreciate the offer.

      This email, itself is a bit of a test because I'm using the broadband account
      to send it. I have been successfully sending test messages to myself, but
      this one involves Yahoo. I may not get to see this posted until later
      tonight because the dial-up phone is in use for another purpose.

      Thanks again for your help

      Ray Shapp