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4621RE: [NTO] Broadband vs Dialup Email was Identities in MSOE

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jul 3, 2003
      Hi Don,

      > I have written a clip that I use in the morning to set my outgoing pop and
      > other I use in the evening to set my other outgoing pop.
      > It checks if outlooks express is open, and if not opens it. After it is
      > open, it steps through the account settings for two accounts and sets the
      > outgoing smtp to match what I wish it to be.

      I'm not on the clips list and won't join it just to wait for a single post,
      so I'd love a copy privately, please.

      It might even get me into writing clips properly, about all I've done is
      amend the "Format Email" one to suit my way of working and added a character
      or two to the HTML "Special Character" clipbar button.

      > Also, I have sometimes used http://www.web2mail.com

      Swear by that one! Works fast, very clean interface, and you can customise
      it to pick up almost any POP account.

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