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4583Re: [NTO] Free Anti-Virus Package

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jun 4, 2003
      Hi Brian:

      I was interested in your Avast! suggestion as I'd never heard of it before.

      After Googling I see its been around for a while ...

      Near the top of the Google groups query was this thread (31 posts) from
      alt.comp.freeware (15-Mar-2003). After reading it I'm not sure I see a
      strong reason to switch from AVG. (I don't run auto-detect anyway - just
      scan the odd download if I'm not too sure about whence it came). If you're
      dealing with a multi-user network where the users aren't neccessarily to
      careful it may make alot more sense.

      btw: are you intending to purchase a multi-user Pro version or just use the
      free-Home version for your own use?

      while I think of it I guess I should go and update my AVG - its been about a
      month. see ya later.

      Regards ... Alec

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      Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 23:12
      Subject: [NTO] Free Anti-Virus Package

      > Hi all!
      > Just wanted to tell you guys about a free virus scanner
      > that I started
      > using today.
      > I got it here: http://www.avast.com/index.html
      > I must note that I am a big big fan of AVG, but IMO, this
      > has got it
      > beat. ... <snip>