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4581Free Anti-Virus Package

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  • Brian Binder
    Jun 4, 2003
      Hi all!

      Just wanted to tell you guys about a free virus scanner that I started
      using today.

      I got it here: http://www.avast.com/index.html

      I must note that I am a big big fan of AVG, but IMO, this has got it
      beat. I'm taking the time to write this because I just got done taking
      care of Nimda on about 25 PC's. While I can't install it on a server
      directly, I could still scan remotely.

      At any rate, I installed AVG (latest version downloaded today) and
      scanned the entire system (note that these were 90% Windows 2000
      machines and 10% Win98 machines.) and AVG reported that it was clean.

      Skeptical, I downloaded this Avast Home (free edition) and elected to
      allow it to scan on next reboot (default suggestion) and it found
      another instance of Nimda and I chose to delete the file. AVG
      apparently wasn't smart enough to find C:\Downloads\F-Nimda.com

      I'm sure there's more to the story, and the boot-time check helped, but
      the interface is cool (IMO) and you get the system tray popup notices
      with a weird guy telling you about the updates taking place, etc. It's
      just an all-around cool product to me. It even has email support. I'm
      sure the pro is worth it.

      It was neat to see a free virus scanner take care of Nimda on all
      workstations in a LAN.

      For what it's worth, Norton System Works 2003 was previously installed
      and even doing full system scans with NAV 2003 never found a virus.
      Then I would uninstall NSW 2003 and scan it with avast and it would find
      around 6 viruses, ranging from Nimda, to Magistr, Hybrid, etc.

      Mind you this network wasn't setup by me. I just came to help out with
      getting the viruses out. You can see why I don't like Norton though! :P

      Just thought it may help some of you someday.

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