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4477Re: [NTO] changing port name of a serial port

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  • Ozkan Taskiran
    May 1, 2003
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      From: "Alec Burgess" <burale@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 10:16 AM
      Subject: Re: [NTO] changing port name of a serial port

      | Dean:
      | Just curious: -- *bigger* --- *slower* ?
      | Instead of having to pay careful attention to resource utilization (and the
      | number of programs in use), having to reboot four or five times a day and
      | getting frequent blue screens, with the same memory I can run many more
      | programs simultaneously, recover without rebooting from almost all errors
      | and reboot only when having installed new software that requires it - most
      | don't.

      My previous system was like yours (PII 266Mhz,128MB RAM) and was using win98.
      I was always have to monitor memory usage,tweak swap file usage;restore a lost,replaced
      dll. When win2k appeared I read all reviews to see if win2k is better. All they say in one
      was "win2k is slower,needs more resources,games don't run good". And I believed them :(
      I once used win2k for two days but I was so under the effect of bad reviews I couldn't
      anything. I just gave up when I couldn't find a driver for tv card. I'm still angry for
      those lost years
      with win98. Now I have a more powerful system and using xp. It's a joy.
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