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4473Re: [NTO] Re: keyring drives

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  • RS
    Apr 30 12:24 PM
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      At 04:34 PM 04/30/03 -0000 you wrote:

      >Thanks RS, that was an interesting article..

      Thanks for letting me know you found it interesting. Other times I'd wanted to post links to other news I thought important, I restrained myself, thinking "Oh, well, others might just not care about it ..." --- But the truth is, I also enjoy most of the off topic stuff and links that are posted on this list.

      >It got me to wondering
      >about the xD picture cards I use for my digital camera, the card reader I
      >have for those picture cards functions as another drive on the computer..
      >Somewhat similar to the way those keyrings drives seem to be.. And it
      >works as a general purpose removable storage device.. With two
      >differences, one being I have to have the reader driver installed in each
      >computer I want to transfer files to/from.. Which is a disadvantage when
      >compared to the keyring drive.. And two, unlike the keyring drive which
      >(if I read this correctly) only supports 16 mb of storage at the moment.
      >The xD picture cards will hold at least 128 mb of storage, and I believe
      >soon, if not already, 256 mb.. All on a little card about the size of a
      >postage stamp..

      I think it said sizes go up to 1 Gig. And it gave me the impression that those might cost about 100 pounds.

      Anyway, we won't have to wait long to find out. They might already be out there. I haven't been shopping lately, so I don't know.

      >I don't plan to use my xD cards for transferring files, but it's nice to know I can if I want to..

      That's very cool.


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