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4472Re: [NTO] Re: keyring drives

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  • Julie
    Apr 30, 2003
      Hey John,

      I use the Olympus SmartMedia card (64 mb) and the cable that came with the
      camera for transferring files between my desktop and laptop for files over
      1.4 mb. The problem comes when I don't erase the file and my husband
      catches me when he's transferring pix from the card to his computer. He
      wants to know how the camera managed to shoot a .zip or .exe file <G>.

      Works well until we breakdown and network all these computers...

      At 1634 04/30/2003 +0000, you wrote:
      >Thanks RS, that was an interesting article.. It got me to wondering about
      >the xD picture cards I use for my digital camera, the card reader I have
      >for those picture cards functions as another drive on the
      >computer.. Somewhat similar to the way those keyrings drives seem to
      >be.. And it works as a general purpose removable storage device.. With
      >two differences, one being I have to have the reader driver installed in
      >each computer I want to transfer files to/from.. Which is a disadvantage
      >when compared to the keyring drive.. And two, unlike the keyring drive
      >which (if I read this correctly) only supports 16 mb of storage at the
      >moment. The xD picture cards will hold at least 128 mb of storage, and I
      >believe soon, if not already, 256 mb.. All on a little card about the
      >size of a postage stamp..
      >I don't plan to use my xD cards for transferring files, but it's nice to
      >know I can if I want to..
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