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44[NTO] Re: Image Editors & Buttons

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  • Jody
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Hi Marco,

      > Try AX-Icons: http://www.axialis.com
      > It's a cheap French shareware with a lot of features:

      Looks pretty good. A bit of a learning curve on it - neat
      installation setup anyway. <g> I'll have to actually try to read
      help to figure out some things - what a drag - help files. :(

      Icon Edit Pro is $5 more and overall I believe it better, but I
      may not have given this one a good enough try yet. Icon Edit Pro
      has some problems though. ZDNet gives it 5 stars though and Icon
      Ax 4 FWIW.

      > And now an off topic tip (but being here is always on-topic <g>)

      Ain't it nice. :) Might never have a big list, but, oh well,
      lots of helpful stuff can come through.


      Clean-Funnies: click and send...
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