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4333Re: [NTO] Beta Test Invite from Ramon Silvera?

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  • RS
    Mar 21, 2003
      Hi Jody and Others,

      My initial intention was to start with a quiet, private beta testing, before involving everybody in a public beta.

      I selected and emailed ten people. Therefore, you or others who might also think I should have invited them, should not feel like you were left aside. I simply couldn't include every one in the first stage. In fact, too many were left out that I would have liked to count with.

      Since I wanted the beta process to be objective and free of any bias due to my personal preferences, I decided that four of those ten people should be *new faces*, that is, people I knew from the list but with whom I didn't have any direct acquaintance or personal inclination towards them. This idea wasn't much of a success: two of those four were expired addresses and bounced, one never replied, and another initiated the present thread on this list.

      Now that the cat is out of the bag, I might as well go for a public beta, and accept your offer to announce it on the lists. That way nobody will feel excluded.

      I want to add that Alice seems to be a very gentle and educated person, as transpired from our private communications. So let's move on.

      Best regards,

      Ramon C. Silvera
      Author of ClipWriter

      At 08:55 PM 03/20/03 -0600 you wrote:
      >Hi Alice and Others,
      > [...] I would
      >almost feel a bit hurt if I did not get the invite, which I
      >didn't this time. Well, not really, but perhaps borderline. <g>
      >I don't know, but I think it would be an honour to get selected
      >for private beta testing. In the past I've let RS make a short
      >post to a few of the lists for announcements of CW and he is
      >still welcome to do that. And, you are probably right in that he
      >should have asked me to make a post, but he probably did not want
      >the "whole world" in on it. His program is listed in NoteTab's
      >Help under Third Party Products, FWIW.
      >In fact, I guess I am guilty of the same thing. There has been a
      >lot of times that Eric and I have invited (in private eMail,
      >sometimes through a yahoogroups invite or regular private mail)
      >6-12 or so list members to help to do private beta testing before
      >we would go to public. I did it just the other day too.
      > [...]
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