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4325Re: [NTO] Beta Test Invite from Ramon Silvera?

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  • alice ttlg - koyaanisqatsi
    Mar 19, 2003
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      Larry Hamilton wrote:
      > He is a long time user of NoteTab and probably sent it to the
      > active posters on the various lists.

      I was afraid of that, unfortunately that's called harvesting and
      sending his invite to those harvested email addresses is called spam.

      While I think what he's doing, developing stuff for NoteTab, is great,
      it would be much better if he didn't spam people, much better to ask
      for volunteers on the lists (with the permission of the listowner of
      course) or ask for volunteers at his website. Then people would be
      opting in for something they asked for and he could easily pick and
      choose from the volunteers whichever ones he wanted for his beta test.
      My action of posting to a mailing list isn't an open invitation for
      anyone to grab my email address and send me unsolicited bulk email
      (aka spam), regardless of how much it may relate to the mailing list.

      Harvesting email addresses from lists and/or spamming them is also a
      violation of the Yahoo TOS and Guidelines.

      Thanks much for the info, I've emailed Ramon and I'll discuss it with
      him further privately.

      alice ttlg

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