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4255RE: [NTO] Re: redirecting email messages

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  • Christine
    Feb 5, 2003
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      Hear! Hear!
      As an Exchange Admin, the trouble between Personal Address book, Windows
      Address Book and Contacts has been difficult enough. Then throw in these
      other ways people misuse standard industry lingo and it's very frustrating.
      Particularly when you deal with the legal world and they grab a word and
      think they're in-the-know or on top of things and all they're doing is
      getting weird answers to what they're actually asking.

      Bounce and redirect, autoreply, autoforward, CC and BCC are not the same
      thing -- although I see them used in the same context all too frequently!

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      Sorry, I didn't want to make that sound harsh. Pocomail is a client I
      used to test things out with.

      It's no one's fault but their own for using that bounce word. I saw you
      reply, but just wanted to throw that out there. It's hard enough for
      people to be on the same page with things, and then Pocomail makes it
      seem like it's a relay or redirect feature. Hopefully they at least
      consider the mail I gave them. The bottom was just quotes from what I
      sent them and wasn't directed at you in a negative way. I didn't mean
      to offend at all.


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