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3967Re: [NTO] WinME vs WinXP?

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  • DA
    Jan 7, 2003
      Hi Brian,

      I think you are slightly off the main topic, but it is
      a related issue.

      I'm generally in agreement with you. I think it is really
      unethical to sell an OS under one set of rules then change
      the rules if you want updates. They were going to put the
      snooping in the first release until there was enough bad
      press about it.

      Remember, even MS says most of these updates are bugs, not
      new features. So, if you want the bugs fixed, you have to
      let them snoop.

      If I didn't have to use WinXP, I wouldn't. I don't think
      they are misusing the information they are gathering -- Yet.
      But, there are so many examples of MS being, "ethically
      challenged," that I don't trust MS. If there is $$$ to
      be made, they will do it if they think they can get away
      with it. Later on, when everyone is accustomed to this
      snooping, is when MS will make their move. The only way
      to prevent this is to keep them constantly under a


      PS. By the way, for some reason your posts no longer
      create any problems when I download them.

      Brian Binder wrote:
      > If I missed a post on this, sorry.
      > The one thing I think that you all are missing the point on is XP's
      > security.
      > If your stability is a fair trade, then disregard this email.
      > Personally, I don't like M$ seeing everything I am doing and tracking
      > all my information.
      > The stability and compatibility is great, yes - but you guys are giving
      > up your privacy!
      > I thought that was important to everyone? Am I mistaken?
      > With the introduction of XP, MS left all backdoors open so others could
      > watch what you are doing.
      > And by installing SP1 for XP, you give MS consent to do this!
      > Same with 2000. Nice and stable, but by installing SP3 for it, you are
      > giving M$ the right to inspect your system whenever they want to.
      > I am forced to deal with Windows on a daily basis, but I would surely
      > use Linux for myself.
      > Xandros is a great OS for people to use instead of Windows.
      > I'm not asking you to change your OS and start all over, but if your
      > privacy is important, an upgrade to XP will absolutely NOT be in your
      > future because of its privacy issues and security flaws.
      > Don't think that simply by doing updates you are protected from the
      > flaws of XP, especially if you are on a broadband connection.
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