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3770Re: [NTO] Mozilla : Nightly build ( fails - previous stable (1.1) works

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  • alice ttlg
    Nov 26 11:36 AM
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      Alec wrote:
      > FWIW: I think the genesis of my problems was an earlier attempt to get
      > Multizilla working (I think with an earlier 1.2b). Multiziilaa was
      > reporting a new build available, but when I tried to get it, insisted I
      > get a more recent Mozilla build. I have a feeling that in that round ( a
      > couple of weeks ago) I managed to screw something up so that
      > Mozilla-Multizilla never work properly until I did the full restart
      > yesterday.

      Something went funky with the Multizilla plugins for any version of Mozilla
      prior to 1.2b. I had previously had Multizilla working with Mozilla v1.0 but
      after my crash, I couldn't get find a Multizilla plugin for that version that
      would install or if it did, it didn't look or work the same. So I ended up
      installing 1.2b instead (which turned out to be a good thing because of the
      improvements in 1.2b to memory and resource usage and it's more stable than 1.0

      > Btw: Do you also try to keep up with Opera? I d/l'd and installed Opera
      > 6.05 (during-after) the Mozilla problems (it had never been on this

      I have Opera 6 installed on my other computer, I use it only for testing
      websites to browser compatibility (Opera 5 had some quirks in it, Opera 6 is
      more standards compatible) but I never use it for browsing cause I don't like
      the ads and I don't like their toolbars, the icons are not intuitive for me (and
      I'm still too cheap to pay for a browser when there's IE, Mozilla and Netscape
      for free without ads :-)).

      And speaking of Netscape, I installed v7 for testing purposes and I had heard
      that they removed the Mozilla option to block unrequested popup windows so I
      checked out the preferences and they did remove that option and replaced it with
      the option to block opening links in new windows so at first glance, it's not
      apparent that something's missing. Sneaky people. :-)

      > god;-) ). Maybe I'll try again in a couple of days. One thing I do like
      > about Opera (when I used to have it working) is the ability to zoom
      > in-out on whole windows easily. AFAIK that's unique to it (?). The
      > IE-variants all have zoom in-out, but just on a particular graphic
      > (correct?)

      Yes, IE zooms on images, both IE and Mozilla have text zoom as well.

      alice ttlg

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