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3769Re: [NTO] Mozilla : Nightly build ( fails - previous stable (1.1) works

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  • Alec Burgess
    Nov 25, 2002
      On Mon, 25-Nov-2002 13:09 [GMT+500 EST], alice ttlg <coda@...>

      > I'm not daring enough to run the nightly builds. :-)

      At least for the present Mozilla is my secondary browser - I'm using
      MyIE2 for the heavy lifting.

      > Are you on 1.2b? or one of the nightly builds? I was running 1.1
      > and managed to crash it badly, had to completely uninstall/reinstall
      > and I ended up going with 1.2b because I couldn't find a Multizilla
      > download that worked with 1.1.

      I guess Saturday's 1.3a (nightly) was was a good vintage!
      Subsquent to yesterday's posts I got Multizilla (latest), GoogleBar and
      PrefencesBar all up and apparently working fine.

      FWIW: I think the genesis of my problems was an earlier attempt to get
      Multizilla working (I think with an earlier 1.2b). Multiziilaa was
      reporting a new build available, but when I tried to get it, insisted I
      get a more recent Mozilla build. I have a feeling that in that round ( a
      couple of weeks ago) I managed to screw something up so that
      Mozilla-Multizilla never work properly until I did the full restart

      Btw: Do you also try to keep up with Opera? I d/l'd and installed Opera
      6.05 (during-after) the Mozilla problems (it had never been on this
      machine) and it fails to work. I was afraid that it was some common
      underlying problem with protocols, proxies etc. but based on succcess
      with Mozilla I'm guessing it is something particular to it (thank
      god;-) ). Maybe I'll try again in a couple of days. One thing I do like
      about Opera (when I used to have it working) is the ability to zoom
      in-out on whole windows easily. AFAIK that's unique to it (?). The
      IE-variants all have zoom in-out, but just on a particular graphic

      Regards ... Alec

      > Alec wrote:
      >> After getting it going I found on another forum this advice from the
      >> T.C.
      >> (Alice that is you isn't it ;-)
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