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3765Re: [NTO] Mozilla : Nightly build ( fails - previous stable (1.1) works

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  • alice ttlg
    Nov 25, 2002
      Alec wrote:
      > After getting it going I found on another forum this advice from the
      > T.C.
      > (Alice that is you isn't it ;-)

      yep, that's me :-), I was just about to post that when I read Lotta's post, when
      Mozilla has trouble or crashes, it appears to need all the various Mozilla
      folders completely deleted before reinstalling. You can however save your
      bookmarks.html file to another location and then copy it back after successfully
      reinstalling Mozilla, that way you don't lose all your bookmarks.

      > Anyway, its all running (with Proxomitron too) and I can now try and get
      > back the Mozilla-Google toolbar and the Multizilla tabbed enhancements.

      Are you on 1.2b? or one of the nightly builds? I was running 1.1 and managed
      to crash it badly, had to completely uninstall/reinstall and I ended up going
      with 1.2b because I couldn't find a Multizilla download that worked with 1.1.
      1.2b is great tho, it runs better and faster, I wa having problems with opening
      a lot of sites and memory dropping and then not being freed up when I closed
      Mozilla but 1.2b fixed all that.

      I'm not daring enough to run the nightly builds. :-)

      alice ttlg

      Coda: http://coda.populli.org/
      Idiot Box: http://idiotbox.populli.org/
      Out of a cloud of dust, Krycek will walk.
      - Dean Haglund
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