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3764Re: [NTO] Mozilla : Nightly build ( fails - previous stable (1.1) works

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  • Alec Burgess
    Nov 25, 2002
      > Don't know. All I can think of is maybe delete the profiles and stuff
      > since all versions share them.

      I should have thought of that myself, uninstalling the 1.3a and THEN
      clearing out the Documents_and_Settings\...\Mozilla folder did the

      Going back over some of old e-mails I'd saved I found the advice from
      hrs (and/or from you?) that trying to keep more than one version
      installed is a back-ass-wards way to do it.

      After getting it going I found on another forum this advice from the
      (Alice that is you isn't it ;-)
      >>> When you uninstalled, did you just run the uninstall or did you also
      > the Mozilla folder in Program Files? And also delete the Mozilla
      folder in
      > Windows/Application Data?
      > That's where your user preferences and bookmarks are kept and if
      > corrupted (thus causing the problem), you need to delete those folders
      as well
      > to let it really install from scratch. Running the uninstall does
      > delete those folders.
      Anyway, its all running (with Proxomitron too) and I can now try and get
      back the Mozilla-Google toolbar and the Multizilla tabbed enhancements.

      Thx all!

      Regards ... Alec

      On Mon, 25-Nov-2002 00:10 [GMT+500 EST], loro <loro@...> wrote:

      > At 05:52 2002.11.25, Alec Burgess wrote:
      >> You seem to be up on what's going on with Mozilla :-)
      > Appearances can be deceptive. I believe it's Harvey that's the true
      > Moz addict here. I never bother with the nightlies.
      >> After reinstalling (in a different location) the nightly build
      >> above, it still fails.
      >> I also installed version 1.2b (again in a different location) and to
      >> my surprise, it fails exactly the same as the 1.3a
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