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3677Unwanted Pop Up Ad

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  • Ed Brown
    Nov 9, 2002
      Hi All,
      I think some website must have stored a pop up ad on my hard drive. I am
      only viewing my website on an ad free paid host and my ISP has said it is
      not from them. The only thing it could be would be in a cookie or some
      other nefarious device. This is what I get and I am sure some of you have
      seen it before.
      Does anyone know how to find the little bug and get it off the hard drive??
      The thing pops up while I am looking at my own site which is still being
      developed. It is http://www.weatherford-tx.org and I know many things are
      not yet working. Just wondering if you get the
      http://www.findthewebsiteyouneed.com/ pop up when you visit it.
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      single orange. -A.K. Ramanujan, poet (1929-1993)