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3652Re: [NTO] app running in bkgrd

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  • Joe Braly
    Nov 2, 2002
      Ed Brown wrote:

      > Hi everyone,
      > I have something strange going on, and I have run virus checks and received
      > a no viruses present message. (Snip)
      > Yet this program is running in the background, I have used the ctrl, alt,
      > delete button and nothing is listed there beyond the usual programs running
      > in the background, PowerChute (battery power supply that saves all programs
      > that are open and then shuts the computer off in case of power loss) Norton
      > Program Scheduler, and that only operates in the early morning hours,
      > ZoneAlarm free version, and thats all. Yet something freezes up my cursor
      > freezes up at times and refuses to budge, although any letters in a word
      > that I type while it is not working will suddenly appear when it starts
      > working again. Sometimes I cannot use the backspace but suddenly it will
      > start to operate and then backspaces as many times as I had previously hit
      > the key. All in all it acts like an extremely busy computer, but it should
      > not be as nothing that I can find is really running. Yet something must be
      > running somewhere in the background. Got any ideas?

      I have much the same problem, except I have difference programs running in
      The difference is after a spell, the system lockup and when I do a Ctrl, alt,
      delete - msgsrv32
      is shown as not responding. I can do a End Task and all the problems go away
      and speed is
      greatly increased. System works fine until reboot. Also, while msgsrv32 is
      running, I have
      almost constant transmission over the internet. None after the task has been
      ended. I have
      tried to remove this file so it would not startup at boot, but have not been
      able too.
      Also, prior to the system stopping, ctrl, alt, delete, does not show msgsrv32
      in the list.

      I downloaded Ad-aware to check for spyware ( found 14 ) and msgsrv32 was listed
      as a component.
      Not sure how the term component is used, but msgsrv32 was not removed from the
      system. The 14 files
      of spyware were removed.

      I am running Win 98..

      Any one know how to get rid of msgsrv32.exe. The file is located under Window;

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