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3530Re: [NTO] Browsers: Mozilla

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  • hsavage
    Sep 30, 2002
      > Jody wrote:
      > Hi Alice and Others,
      > Where is the feature to turn off the splash screen in Mozilla?

      Hi Jody,

      AFAIK, there is no checkbox to turn off the splash screen, it has to be
      done in the commandline, thus, c:\Path\Mozilla -quiet, or -nosplash,
      both will work. If you don't run full screen you can also regulate the
      opening window-size at start up.

      > Do the Tabs work in the sidebar?

      I don't know anything about the sidebar, I don't use that "stuff".

      > I have everything checked for tabs, but don't see any when I try
      > to load multiple pages?

      With Mozilla, unless you have Multizilla installed, you have to do a
      control-clickonlink to open a new tab. Multizilla adds a lot of tab

      > Happy Topics,
      > Jody

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