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3442RE: [NTO] Off-Topic list requires sign-in

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  • Jody
    Sep 14, 2002
      Hi Greg,

      It appears to be really nice, but I thinking I am going to stick
      with eRemover 2.4. ;)

      > > I had to download it just because I like their blunt statement,
      > > especially, the latter part about the source. <g>
      >Of course, I had to install it to read that bit!
      >To quote a paint manufacturer's slogan, that we have here in the
      >UK, somewhat out of place, but you'll get what I mean
      >"It does exactly what it says on the can"
      >I must admit to liking POPCORN. The only feature I would wish to
      >change would be to use Andale Mono, Fixedsys or Terminal rather
      >than Courier. Considering its size, I reckon it to be "feature-

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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