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  • Greg Chapman
    Sep 13, 2002
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      Hi Ray,

      > > >>>>I am much happier just deleting it at the server level <<<
      > >
      > >What does that mean and how does one do it?

      You can do it by TELNETing to your POP3 server and logging in through a DOS
      style interface. The necessary tools come with Windows, but it's a pain!

      I usually use a web-based service like: http://www.mail2web.com which
      allows me to create a customised entry page where I can pick up and send
      mail from several different mail accounts at several ISPs.

      However, you can use programs specifically designed for the purpose, as Jody
      has suggested.

      I have tried POPCORN. It's freeware! Below is the first section of the
      README file. I got the package popsetup.exe from a magazine cover disk. At
      176kb, it is, indeed, "an ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP e-mail client", but it
      does more than the job I wanted it to do.


      Ultrafunk Popcorn POP3/SMTP e-mail client README.TXT

      Release information:
      Release date : 03-Apr-2002
      Version : Popcorn release 1.20
      Author : Ultrafunk
      Web : http://www.ultrafunk.com
      Product page : http://www.ultrafunk.com/products/popcorn/

      All future Popcorn development has been permanently discontinued.
      Release 1.20 is the last official build that will be made available for
      the general public, it is based on the latest stable 1.20 beta that was
      under development. The program will still be available for download in
      the foreseeable future. All support questions, feature requests and bug
      reports will be ignored, as will all requests regarding releasing the
      source code.

      What is Popcorn?
      Popcorn is a freeware ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP e-mail client, free from
      unwanted and useless bloatware features. Being a true client/server
      application, it does not work in the same way as a typical mail program.
      This means that you're reading mail from a POP3 server directly, without
      downloading it to a local mailbox on your PC (although you can save mail
      messages locally if you want to). This makes it ideally suited for
      "on the road" mail access, and for scanning, reading and sending mail over
      slow internet connections.

      Popcorn supports multiple user profiles, enabling you to read and send
      mail from any number of different POP3 accounts. It is a small, portable
      e-mail client, the kind you can carry with you on a floppy disk or download
      quickly from the web without having to go through any installation
      The user profiles and account information is NOT saved in the local
      but in a small, portable .INI-file that accompanies the application,
      enabling you to easily move between locations.

      Using Popcorn you can check and send mail from anywhere as long as you
      have an Internet connection. You can also delete spam, old messages or see
      if a message has attachments without downloading the messages from the
      server first. It is perfect for cleaning up and administering multiple POP3
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