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3410Re: [NTO] DOC to TXT

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  • Jody
    Sep 1, 2002
      Hi Dennis,

      That'll work! They don't have many converters at that site do they? <g>
      The documentation on doc2txt is way over my head so I tried what made sense and got lucky. ;)

      ^!F:\DOC to TXT\doc2txt-1.5\DOC2TXT.EXE "D:\NoteDora\attach\Mail bag assistant Kurz-Anleitung.doc"

      Now I just need to build a clip to do folders and their subs. ;)

      > > I seem to remember somebody posting a utility to convert Word
      > > .doc files to .txt. I prefer something that can be run by
      > > command-line and do a whole folder at a time- sub-folders would
      > > be a bonus. ;) Needs to be freeware or very cheap. Thanks!
      > >
      >Have a look at this,


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