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3396Re: [NTO] Workable anti spam?

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  • alice ttlg
    Aug 24, 2002
      > ITEM: As *spam* continues its illiterate intrusion into intelligent
      > attorney Anne Mitchell, former legal affairs director for Mail Abuse
      > > System, has come up with a clever counter punch.

      What it fails to mention is that MAPS for years wanted to get sued and then when
      it did, it fizzled. So Anne Mitchell's track record of using the law to stop
      spammers isn't very good.

      This Habeas thing is a nice try to use existing laws that do work to try to stop
      spam, however, as Mike pointed out, it's hard to sue someone in China.

      So I guess it works about as well as any other anti-spam program.

      alice ttlg

      Vox Populli
      Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
      - Douglas Adams
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