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3319Re: [NTO] ios.VXD

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  • Len
    Aug 13, 2002
      Hi Ed, Scott, Harvey, et al

      Corrected: V-Com Not Vtec, Linux Not Linex

      I have been using V-Com's System Commander/Partition Commander for
      several years now to create, Resize, Copy and Delete partitions
      and to boot between alternate OS's with no problems. I have
      avoided having to reload damaged programs and systems many times
      and have been able to completely remove unwanted problem programs
      by reloading the primary partition from the backup partition.
      I have not used Linux but With System Commander you can boot using
      alternate OSs on one HDD with no problem.

      BTW, with Windows on the primary HDD and Linux on the secondary HDD
      you can then place a backup copy of each OS's partition on the
      other HDD. 8-))

      Regards, Len

      >I second the recommendation for using PartitionMagic. I haven't used
      >Bootmagic yet but, I'm sure the day is coming.
      >I've used PartitionMagic a few years now and it has never created a problem.

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