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3290Robotype and UAS with clipwriter

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  • Alec Burgess
    Aug 7, 2002
      Hugo: I got the two unzipped files in the previous e-mail
      and re-retrieved your (new?) zip from:


      (1) Your replacement Zip works fine. (I didn't bother to
      figure out whether I've got software on-board that would
      have allowed me to process your original zip - life has
      enough problems ;-)

      (2) E-mail "raw" files came through fine.

      (2a) I was able to open the UAS library (in UltimaShell
      not the UAS program but I'm sure its the same
      difference). I didn't really do anything more than a
      quick scroll down to make sure I could recognize the
      contents as being clip-related.

      (2b) The first time I tried it in RoboType it came up
      showing no abbreviations but when I created a new library
      and merged yours into it - it worked flawlessly and from
      then on every time I tried to open the one you sent it
      worked with no problems. - Go figure.

      It looks like if both RoboType and UAS are active UAS
      winds up getting first crack at everything preventing
      RoboType from helping.

      Maybe its possible to set the two libraries up so that
      its possible to have UAS select the base replacement and
      then have RoboType if desired complete the job. The
      reason for this somewhat bizarre arrangement would be to
      take advantage of RoboType's new ability to include
      %PROMPT:Your prompt here%. It might thus be possible to
      have the syntax of all the CLIP commands available from
      RoboType with prompts for required "changeable" elements.

      I've copied this to the NTB-off topic - before Jody gets
      upset - though as you were, I'm not sure quite where the
      boundaries of NTB are with its new "included" or
      "associate" apps is.

      Definitely looks like a fruitful area of investigation,
      especially with the new "programmers" syntax-highlighting
      version coming on-stream before NTB v5.

      Regards ... Alec
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      From: "hsavage" <hsavage@...>
      To: <burale@...>
      Sent: 07 August, 2002 08:42
      Subject: It's only me!

      > Alec,
      > I think I know why you couldn't unzip and use the first
      file. PKZip has
      > 2 compression modes, one is standard 32bit, the other
      is, of course,
      > non-standard 64 bit compression.
      > I have been using the latter since most of my zipping
      is done for my own
      > use. I re-zipped the 2 files and if you're so
      inclined, would you mind
      > trying to download, unzip and use the files again.
      > Just for drill.
      > hrs