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3183Re: [NTO] File Open dialog in 2K

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  • hsavage
    Jun 27, 2002
      > Hi,
      > In Windows 2000 the File Open dialog looks different depending on which
      > program I use it from. When I Ctrl + O in NTB and IE for example I
      get an
      > "enhanced" box with a side panel with shortcuts to "History", "My
      > and so on. In some programs I get a more old fashioned box w/o the
      side panel.
      > Is this something I can control? I want to get rid of the über-ugly side
      > panel if possible. Hrmpf.
      > Lotta


      I'm going to ass'u'me the enhanced dialogs you speak of are restricted
      to MS programs such as IE or, anything in MSOffice.

      If so, you probably won't be able to get rid of the side panel at all,
      or at least delving deeply into MSOffice.

      I did to my local computer shop the only programs that exhibited the
      side panel were MS programs.

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