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3181Re: [NTO] File Open dialog in 2K

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  • loro
    Jun 26, 2002
      Hi Harvey and Alec,

      >I don't have 2k but in Win98, if you click on 'VIEW' and uncheck View as
      >Webpage you may get rid of the side panels.
      >You may have to apply to each window or find a setting to apply to all

      Nope. That's already turned off and there is no options in the Open dialog
      itself. I wouldn't mind the panel so much if it was small but the icons are
      HUGE and I never use them anyway so they should die.

      You don't happen to know if it's possible to get rid of the fluff from the
      Add/Remove Programs dialog? I'm tired of waiting while it loads icons for
      every program I have installed and the way the items resize when I click
      them makes it harder to read. Me wants a plain list.

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