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3155Re: [NTO] NoteTab and UltimaShell

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jun 14, 2002
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      I have NoteTab Pro 4.9 and Light 4.9 at work, and have the latest UAS Eric
      indicated. I do not recall having a problem with my scroll function, but
      have not used UAS much, yet.

      I have my laptop home this weekend, so will have to remember to try it. I
      will post any issues.

      I have Win2K Pro, I forget the mouse, I think MS with a Dell stamp. I think
      I brought the mouse, I usually do not, since it has a touchpad.


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      Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 2:45 PM
      Subject: [NTO] NoteTab and UltimaShell

      > Hi. On my system, activating UltimaShell disables the mouse's scroll
      > wheel everywhere within NoteTab: the edit window, dialog boxes,
      > clipbook index, etc. This happened with NoteTab Std 4.85c and
      > UltimaShell, the full version. And it's happening now with NoteTab
      > Std 4.9 and the integrated UAS.
      > Are others experiencing this? If so, I wonder if you would add a post
      > to this topic on the UltimaShell forum (http://www.flashpeak.com/).
      > Eric is right when he calls UAS a neat utility.
      > Mark
      > Win 98
      > NoteTab Std 4.9
      > Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical
      > Microsoft IntelliPoint 3.2 (driver)