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3072Re: CPU Speed, Heat, etc. (was Re: [NTO] Math MB > GB)

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  • Jody
    May 8, 2002
      Hi Jim,

      I certainly believed they have/had the units. What I was talking
      about was what I thought was a play on words. The refrigerators
      were certainly cool, but they are "way too kewl" (COOL) also. ;)
      Or, is COOL an acronym?

      I think it was Harvey that mentioned they already had some type
      of thermal control units. I was thinking more on the lines of an
      everyday (miniature though) A/C unit say the size of a pwr supply
      that would mount right inside a tower case where a pwr supply
      would go. It would cool big time, and also draw the moisture
      out of the air and help with corrosion. A long time NoteTabber,
      Dr. ??? in Hawaii, told me that they had to buy new computers
      every two years because of the humidly and salty air destroying

      >>I don't think Jim was joking, were you Jim?
      >>Jody wrote:
      >>> Hi Jim,
      >>>>The old Cray SuperComputers had the CPU's and Ram in a refrigerator.:-)
      >>>>You can get cases today that come with A/C units.
      >>> >
      >>> >COOL is the word!!
      >>> ARGH! That is as bad as my rectifiers humming because they
      >>> forgot the words. ;)

      Happy Topics,

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