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3066Re: CPU Speed, Heat, etc. (was Re: [NTO] Math MB > GB)

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  • hsavage
    May 7 10:45 AM
      On 5/7/02 9:42 AM, Jody wrote:
      > Hi DA,
      > You know, if they do not sell them, I bet a fella in the A/C and
      > Heating could fabricate a small A/C unit that could mount
      > wherever and really have it done right then. ;)

      Hi Jody, DA,

      Overclockers and other experimenters have already "Been there, Done
      that". Thermoelectric cooling units, and even, water(fluid) cooling
      units have been adapted to CPU's for quite a while now.

      The thermo-units are a solid state devices that has been around for some
      time that mounts on the cpu just like a cpu-fan, the fluid units are
      like a car radiator. A reservoir that water is circulated through is
      physically attached to the cpu.

      The water is circulated through the reservoir, just as an engine block,
      then out through a radiator to dissipate heat.

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