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30[NTO] Re: Image Editors & Buttons

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  • Mujtaba Ali
    Feb 1, 2000

      Ummm.... probably doesn't. But it has the coolest queuing and recursive
      stuff. You can queue all your downloads and then have them go all at once.
      Also, at least in the past, I have had severe stability issues with
      WS_FTP. Not to say that LeechFTP never crashes, but I have only has it
      hiccup twice in four months. I guess it's a matter of preference.

      -- Mujtaba Ali

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      Subject: [NTO] Re: Image Editors & Buttons

      Hi Mujtaba,

      > Just wanted to add that I think LeechFTP, which is freeware, is
      > a tad better than WS_FTP. You can download it at:
      > http://stud.fh-heilbronn.de/~jdebis/leechftp/

      Does it do commandline and run in the background while the file
      in NoteTab is uploaded while I continue working and then shuts
      downs? If so, I'll take a peek. If not, Ws_FtpLe does so I'll
      stick with it. Thanks for the post. :)

      See ya in the funnies!
      Jody Adair


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