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2880Re: [NTO] re-writable CDs

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  • Carl Swann
    Mar 8, 2002
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      Subscriber wrote:
      > Dear Carl,
      > >For backup, I use a freeware program called "My Own
      > >Backup v2.1"
      > >I created target zip files onto my backup CD, directed
      > >the backup software to run specific sets for each zip
      > >file, and turn it loose every Wednesday.

      Sorry for delay in replying... I'm suffering worst computer crash
      ever, so I'm lucky to be able to access e-mail right now... :-/

      > Could you please elaborate your backup strategy a little bit more?
      > Especially, why do you need another software for retrieval?

      I wasn't clear there, sorry. MOB will restore the files just fine. I
      was making reference to the fact that I'll often want to simply open a
      file that's in the archive (such as a .doc file, just to read its
      content for a project). I use Powerdesk 4.0, choose my CD drive in it,
      go to the zip archive I want, look down the tree untill I find the
      file I'm looking for, then double-click it in the Powerdesk tree
      window. Powerdesk calls on WinWord to open the file and I read it. I
      can even copy from it to paste into another open document if I wish.
      When I'm through, I close the document, then close Powerdesk. Thus,
      I've been able to access a file in the archive *without having to
      restore it*.

      >What do
      > you mean
      > by "target zip files"? Do you simply add new files to existing
      > archives?

      Correct - again, I wasn't very clear... sorry.

      Hope this helps. (Now pray for me & my machine :-)

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