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2879Re: [NTO] re-writable CDs

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    Mar 8, 2002
      Dear Carl,

      >For backup, I use a freeware program called "My Own
      >Backup v2.1" (original name, eh?) that's available on
      >all the major freeware sites on the web. For
      >retrieval, I use PowerDesk 4.0 (also a freeware
      >I created target zip files onto my backup CD, directed
      >the backup software to run specific sets for each zip
      >file, and turn it loose every Wednesday.
      >Works 100%. If you have specific questions, you may
      >write me in private e-mail - or if it's a
      >general-interest question, I'll try to field it here
      >on Yahoo.

      Could you please elaborate your backup strategy a little bit more?
      Especially, why do you need another software for retrieval? What do you mean
      by "target zip files"? Do you simply add new files to existing archives?

      Best regards,



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      [ http://oferty.onet.pl ]
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