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2873Re: [NTO] re-writable CDs

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  • Jan Rosenstreich
    Mar 7, 2002
      On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 17:37:57 -0500, you wrote:

      >Are re-writable CDs suitable media for use in backups of PC files? When I
      >last read about the technology, the re-writable media weren't reliable
      >enough for many routine re-write cycles. Also, most re-writable CD burners
      >couldn't append new files to a CD without destroying previous contents. In
      >order to write 10 new megabytes to a CD that already had 100 MB, one had to
      >copy the 100MB to the hard drive, and then write all 110 MB to the CD in a
      >single, uninterrupted operation.

      I am using a CDRW burner to backup my files. With compression, you can
      backup close to 1 Gig on a disk (depending on content - some files
      compress better than others). Your best bet is to find a backup program
      that supports CDRW drives. Many of them now support Tapes, CDRW, Zip
      disks, etc. A backup program will allow you to easily do full backups,
      append new files, do a selective backup, backup only changed files, etc.
      You can accomplish the above using other means, but I find a dedicated
      backup program makes it easier.

      >I'm currently using 250MB zip disks for backup, but I will install the
      >re-writable CD burner if the earlier limitations have been overcome.

      A 250 MB zip disk (even with compression) wouldn't to it for me. I hate
      swapping disks and I have almost 1 GIG of data to routinely backup.

      Jan Rosenstreich
      Independent Distributor #130-646
      Multi-Pure Drinking Water Filtration Systems
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