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2866Re: [NTO] re-writable CDs

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  • Jody
    Mar 6, 2002
      Hi Ray,

      >Are re-writable CDs suitable media for use in backups of PC files?

      They are good if used on the same CD writer or the newer CD
      drives. A lot of the older CD drives cannot read the CD-RW
      format. At the time that those CDs were made there was no such
      thing as CD-RW. Things might have improved over that last year
      or so with the CD Writers and CD-RWs so that they work on any CD
      drive now. I always use CDRs since I can get 100 for about 35
      cents each and I know they work on all CD drives (provided the CD
      is good of course;).

      I use an HP CD Writer Plus (9200i I believe) and out of over 500
      CDs burned only about 5 were bad and that could have been due to
      a bad batch of CDs since they were all in one of the 100 spindle
      packs I buy. It is best to not do any other activity on your
      computer when burning them also. That may have attributed to the
      few I had bad. I make it a point know to just let it go until I
      hear the CD tray eject (working on another computer).

      Happy Topics,

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