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2865Re: [NTO] re-writable CDs

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  • stephen riddle
    Mar 5, 2002
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      Hi Ray,
      Yes they are, and easier for me to use than ZIP drives (which, by the great
      are pretty darned good.)
      You might shop for free software which will keep a CD open after writing to
      I have Adaptec (which came with my Phillips CD-RW, but I believe it is free.)
      They have a program which uses a CD-RW just as if it were a hard drive. It
      worked well, but I found it is much faster to just completly delete the old
      cd and write to an empty cd.
      You might try compressing your files first,. When you copy from a CD
      onto a hard disk, it is written as a read-only file and this can do some
      surprising (but fixable) things to your ability to use some of these files.
      Good luck,

      On Monday 04 March 2002 14:37, you wrote:

      > Hi Group,
      > Are re-writable CDs suitable media for use in backups of PC files? When I
      > last read about the technology, the re-writable media weren't reliable
      > enough for many routine re-write cycles. . . .
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