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  • wilkinsonm
    Mar 1, 2002
      My client recently upgraded(?) to AOL 6, and now the photos on his
      website look lousy. They look fine using several other ISPs. His
      website is highlinemotorcars.com

      AOL.com has a reference that says they compress graphics. They
      explain that AOL users can choose not to compress graphics. We
      changed the setting, and after clicking on "refresh" several times,
      the photos looked fine. Unfortunately, it is not realistic to
      instruct every AOL visitor to his site to change their settings.

      AOL says that JPEG files saved in a "progressive" format will not be
      compressed, and that is the format I have been using. We never had a
      problem until recently.

      Can anyone give me some clues on how to get around this problem?


      Mike Wilkinson
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