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2797Re: [NTO] Note Tab open and save

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  • Jody
    Jan 19, 2002
      Hi Adrian,

      >So I could reinstall the whole thing but is it worth it? I think
      >there is a resources problem and I am considering upgrades to RAM
      >and hard drive, especially the former. My own feeling is that
      >reinstalling the whole operating system is a waste of time
      >because something recent has caused the change, and it would just
      >cause it again. I have reinstalled IE5.5 before now, but not
      >removed IE4.01 which gave the single click. Obviously it did

      It was IE4 that caused the open/save problem. Back then, it was
      DECOM that fixed it. You may need to reinstall Windows from
      scratch. There was another person about six months ago that
      ended up doing that and the problem cleared.

      >Basically when the NoteTab problem happens I hit the icon in the
      >taskbar at the bottom and it restores everything, and I shall
      >probably stick with this workaround until I have done some

      Whatever makes you happy. ;)

      Happy Topics,

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