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2739Re: [NTO] Opening Large and/or Many Files

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  • Jody
    Dec 19, 2001
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      Hi Jan, Dr. Raimund, Jim, Ray, and Others,

      >>> I now found out what made that API-error message. I had too
      >>> many documents open which made NoteTab break down on startup.
      >>> I am not quite sure if the other problem with the closing to
      >>> system-tray has the same cause. I have to figure it out during
      >>> the next days.
      >Some programs consume extra memory when starting up (I'm not sure
      >about NoteTabPro). After starting up, these programs generally
      >release some of their memory. If this is the case, limit the
      >number of files loaded at start-up and load the additional files

      Jan, that is true with NoteTab as well. That is why I was
      getting at using another method to open the files such as using
      Favorites allowing NoteTab to release the memory it uses to open
      itself with. That way memory will not "peg at redline" so to
      speak. If once looks at the task manager in XP, WinTop, or any
      program that measures CPU usage, you will see it also goes to
      well over 90% and normally goes t0 99% when I look at it. It
      goes back to zero with most programs, but if the program is doing
      status checks all the time you might see CPU usage bounce between
      say zero and 3%. Also,let it be known that NoteTab uses RAM to
      open files and that RAM is not freed up until the file(s) is
      closed if I remember correctly. In version 5 Eric will be using
      a different method when opening files "...that will only need
      slightly more memory than the document size to load it." (That
      also to the new program Eric is working on.)

      Eric replied to my memory and opening large files questions a few
      weeks ago:
      >>> Actually, NoteTab requires double the free memory in order to
      >>> successfully open a file. So in order to open a 130 MB file, he
      >>> would need 260 MB of free memory -- that is free RAM + virtual
      >>> memory (from the HD) is RAM isn't sufficient.

      Jody asked for clarification about a typo:
      >>"is RAM isn't sufficient." should be "if RAM", correct?

      Eric confirmed typo <g>:

      Jody asked about RAM versus virtual memory (hard drive space):
      >>So, is RAM a lot faster than virtual memory as far as the access
      >>time or are they about the same? Having more memory (RAM) is
      >>better than using virtual memory, yes/no?

      Eric answered Jody's questions:
      >Virtual memory is very slow. In fact, I'm not sure if documents
      >loaded into NoteTab can even make use of virtual memory. I think
      >you can change it to double the amount of _free_ RAM (not to be
      >confused with installed RAM).

      Jody clarifies amount of RAM versus free RAM: One might have
      256MB physical RAM, but only has 95MB RAM available for use
      because the other is already used by other operations and/or
      programs not releasing RAM after it shuts down. Hello Mr. Bill. ;)

      Jim wrote:
      Only the Favorites Category file gets loaded into memory when
      NoteTab starts, and it only has 1 entry. I only open the file
      list document when I need to open a Favorite and then I close it
      when the Favorite file opens.

      Jim did some tests about the Favorites category sizes and using
      the Quick List. The way I understand it he proved that a small
      Favorite category uses less memory than one with many items in
      the list. However, that does not necessarily prove that many
      categories will or will not use up memory as Ray asked and Jim
      wondered also. I quoted Eric when I wrote:

      "Large amounts of Favorites and long lists slow down the loading
      of NoteTab and use up a fair amount of RAM."

      The way I understand what he wrote is that both many Favorite
      categories *and* long lists of categories can eat up some memory.
      The reason for that is NoteTab loads the Favorites into memory,
      not the files themselves, but all the paths to the files.
      However, I will once again bug the most busy Eric who is
      programming a new program and NoteTab v5.0. ;)

      Cya on the flip side... ;)

      Happy Topics,

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