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2733Opening Large and/or Many Files (was Why is NoteTabPro "corrupted")

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  • Jody
    Dec 18, 2001
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      Hi Dr. Raimund,

      >I now found out what made that API-error message. I had too many
      >documents open which made NoteTab break down on startup.
      >I am not quite sure if the other problem with the closing to
      >system-tray has the same cause. I have to figure it out during
      >the next days.

      It would be my guess that he tray icon is also due to a low
      resource condition. It is not necessarily due to one program,
      but a combination of things.

      >I did at first what you recomended me, I renamed the .ini-file
      >and started NoteTab. I "enlarged/adapted" it step by step: First
      >opened quick list, then close/open NoteTab, second opened a clip-
      >library, then close/open NoteTab and so on. I tried that three
      >times and always when I opened all the documents and then made
      >close/open NoteTab this error message came.

      Theoretically, you can open up 2GB files and as many as you want.
      There is some point though on every computer that I have played
      with that resources get so low that all kinds of errors start
      popping up from just about all programs.

      >Perhaps you have a hint how I can have open more documents? I can
      >live with it now, but you never know.

      See my last post on how to use the least resources in NoteTab.
      Don't have a lot of other programs open or open and then closing
      them. That is especially true with MS programs since, at least
      in my experience, some of them do not release all the memory they
      use. You may want to cut back the number of programs that start
      when you startup Windows if you are configured to do so. I
      would not go out on the web where you are opening a lot of images
      then try to open a large amount files and/or big ones.

      Buying more RAM will help in loading large files and/or many
      files. NoteTab loads the files into memory. To successfully
      open a file you need double the memory. RAM + virtual memory
      (hard drive space) that can be used.

      Remember to close some files before closing NoteTab if you think
      you are getting too many for your computer. Only you can answer
      how many is too many? You might consider using Favorites to open
      directories or certain files and uncheck the feature to Reload
      Open Documents in the General tab in Options. I would not go
      wild in making a huge Favorites list though, because the
      Favorites feature can use up some memory if it is very large.

      What are the details of your computer? You might be fighting a
      loosing battle if...

      Happy Topics,

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